Born and raised in the slums of the tropical paradise known as the Fiji Islands in a family where music was in the blood, Jericho never thought that the countless choir practices at church, singing songs at home or playing guitar for his sister's next performance would ever become anything. He picked up a demo version of FL Studio from an old childhood friend that sparked something in him. Something that would take years of practice until he could create his perfect sound. One that he would hope to show the world. At the age of 18 he moved to the southern shores of California where he now had tools to take his music to the next level. Experimenting with different genres and eventually landing on a melodic, happy-nostalgic style of electronic music with a vast selection of inspiration that range from artists like Linkin Park and Owlcity to The Chainsmokers and Martin Garrix. He is keen to show people his music and maybe one day inspire others like him. 

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